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First-copy products deliver replicas of branded products. The original product’s price range is very high and not affordable for everyone, whereas the first copy is an exact replica with significantly lower prices than the original one

Myntra is a genuine seller; they do not provide counterfeit products at their online shop, They take measures to prevent the sale of first copy products from their site.

The quality of first copy products can depend on the manufacturer. In general, first copy products produced by Indian manufacturers are reputed to have superior quality when compared to those made in China or Vietnam.

Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of first copy products on their website. If you attempt to sell a first copy product on their site, Amazon will permanently ban your seller account.

Consumers have complained multiple times that we have received fake products from Flipkart, However, Flipkart does not sell first copies. It is their associate sellers who do. So, if you ever receive a first copy instead of the original, you should complain about the seller to Flipkart and return the product immediately.

StyleHyped is a new emerging website that sells first copy products at the best rates. Even if you find that the products are not up to the mark, they provide immediate returns to their customers.

First Copy Products are durable. If you use them for rough work, they are not as durable as the original, but they will still provide you with the best results.